Joan Alsina

Born in 1972, Barcelona. Lives and works in Barcelona.

Since a young age, photography has been an important part of Joan Alsina’s life. Both his dad and brother where photographers, so he naturally engaged with this world.

During the last decades, Alsina has become a recognized photographer in the Spanish fashion industry. He has worked for some of the most important headboards, in Spain and abroad. He has also been awarded the Lux prize on several occasions and categories, fashion in 1996, portrait in 1998, fashion in 2003, and nude photography in 2004.

Simultaneously to his career in fashion, he has always felt the need to explore photography from an artistically, aiming to find his language. His recently published large-format book Textures, where he explores the human body and its material nature, sets the starting point of his artistic career guided by his interest to reinterpret the human figure and explore the possibilities of abstraction.

Alsina gets inspiration from dance, music, and Expressionist painting to convey strong and capturing images. Presenting the body as a canvas is a way of reformulating the dialogue between photography and painting, blurring the line between these two mediums.


Sobre Materia

March 2020